About Bob's

From the first tire until now Bob's Tire Service has served a broad range of customers and made available tires for whatever "road" of life you're on. For over forty years we have dominated the Mid-Ohio region with excellence in service and dependability to the commercial industry.

Today there is little difference. Daily we are expanding our quality tire service to make it available to all customers, commercial and individual.

"BTS is committed to serving customers by providing quick service, knowledgeable advice, and affordable prices."

Our Track Record

A few highlights.

  • Yes, there was a Bob in our history; he started the business in the early 1970's. The name at that time was Bob's Union 76 Truck Stop. It was a full-service operation with fuel and all.
  • In the mid 80's Homer Roush purchased the company and discontinued the gasoline service.
  • During Homer's years he changed the name to Bob's Truck Tire Sales & Service. Over the years it has been more widely referred to as Bob's Tire Service (BTS).
  • Recently in 2009, Homer retired and passed the family business to his son-in-law, Steve Burrer, who leads the business with the assistance of his wife (Kim) and oldest son (Jason). BTS' current staff is continually growing.