Tire Tips

The Basics:

  • How do I know my tires need replaced?

    Tire Tip — Age and tread are the two best tests. Examine your tire for signs of aging like cracking, or unusual wear. Manufactures suggest new tires every 6-10 years depending on the wear.
    The tread depth provides traction for the vehicle in a variety of weather conditions. Grab a penny and test your treads. Place the penny in the groove of multiple treads if you can see President Lincoln's head you are in need of new tires. Stop by BTS's anytime for a free tire inspection.

  • What is the correct inflation for my tires?

    Tire Tip — BTS advises that you review the vehicle manufactures suggested inflation. This can be found on inside the driver's door jam. Do not deviate from this recommended psi without consulting a professional.

  • When should I rotate my tires?

    Tire Tip — BTS advises that you rotate your tires every 6,000 miles or every other oil change. Uneven tire wear may be due to mechanical problems like a misaligned suspension or unbalanced tires. We'll check these things at your next rotation.

  • What is the correct way to rotate tires?

    Tire Tip — refer to the image below.

  • How do I read the sidewall of my tire?

    Tire Tip — Refer to the image below.